Lest We Forget: Hillary’s Heroism Under Fire


Hillary Clinton dodging bullets on a Bosnian tarmac

The Democratic Party is already tripping over themselves in their hasty preparation to lay the groundwork to nominate and elect another novelty candidate, the first woman president. It is a bold and historic attempt to follow-up on their success in electing the nations first black president. In the next few weeks and months we will begin to see a lot of information resurface in regards to Hillary “formerly Rodham” Clinton’s past exploits, scandals, and occasionally confusing  history.

As the current occupant of the White House was elected with virtually no vetting whatsoever, a good many of us believe it is important to get ahead of the game this time around as soon as humanly possible. I’m here to help get the ball rolling on that.  Below is an uplifting and  inspiring story along those lines that I’m sure you’ll enjoy.

In case you didn’t know or perhaps don’t remember, the former first lady, later Secretary of State, and probable future presidential hopeful Mrs. Clinton had a very close call during a goodwill trip to Bosnia in the nineties. It occurred during the bloody Bosnian war while her husband was president. In an apparent horrible failing of pre-landing intelligence by her security detail she “remembers landing under fire…we had to lower our heads and run for the cars…” Perhaps even more alarming is the fact that not only was her life apparently in danger, but she had her then teenage daughter Chelsea with her as well.

How brave and courageous for her to have put her life on the line in an active war zone to help bring peace to an oppressed people.

Fortunately for her, a CBS report includes the footage of this traumatic and heroic action. It is a dramatic piece of footage and one that will undoubtedly be included in her upcoming election commercials as an example of her grace and courage under fire.

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Mrs. Clinton has accused her critics in the past of “swiftboating” her in regards to her own claim of coming under fire by Serbian snipers. I can only assume that the term swiftboating is defined as “pointing out the truth in response to a Democratic presidential candidate’s dubious claim.”

How Hillary Clinton remembers it:

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This, of course, is just one of the many well documented lies perpetrated by “she who would replace ‘the One’ as the leader of the free world.”

Thank goodness Hillary stands on that wall. We need her on that wall. And the Democratic Party wants to put her on that wall.

Do you?


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  1. ehv45@hotmail.com | 02/06/2015 at 5:58 PM |

    was brian jennings with her?

  2. sharpshooter | 09/30/2014 at 4:34 AM |

    There are NO women running for President, we may end up with a group of wannabe men running, but no women!

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