Liberal Hit Piece By Mother Jones: How a Pro-Gun, Anti-Gay “Political Terrorist” Could Help Keep Colorado Democrats in Power


They say that one mans terrorist is another mans freedom fighter. And that apparently applies to political battles and ideological warfare as well.

You know you are doing something right when the Left goes after you in a hit piece like this. The Executive Director of Rocky Mountain Gun Owners is Dudley Brown. He and I both attended Colorado State University together, knew each other at that time, and I chaired the same CSU College Republican chapter just a few years after he did.  Some twenty odd years later we now live in the same small town and still run into each other occasionally and chat when we do.

For a great many years Dudley has been “controversial” for his often successful RINO hunting skills and for not tolerating the “compromise” and political squishiness within the GOP that has only enabled the destructive Progressive agenda and the erosion of constitutional rights. The following piece is riddled with half-truths and factual errors but is an interesting read nonetheless. Liberals exist in both major political parties and cannot stand being held accountable for their actions.

Conservative activist Dudley Brown went hunting for Dems, but his support of far-right GOPers might save his enemies.

Colorado gun-rights crusader Dudley Brown has a simple political philosophy: “No compromise.” He says the NRA is spineless. (An NRA official once tagged him the “Al Sharpton of the gun movement.”) He loathes middle-of-the-road politicians. For show, he occasionally drives a Pinzgauer, a bulky Austrian-made troop transport vehicle, which he describes as his “political pain delivery vehicle.” His opponents—Democrats and Republicans alike—call him “poison” and a “political terrorist.”

I was trained and influenced in my early college years by some of the  ‘disciples’ of Dudley in the art of being a rabble-rousing political operative. It was always less about specific tactics than about a no compromise, principle first approach to the issues of the day. One was not to be afraid of being politically incorrect and going after ideological enemies, and those who sold out and collaborated with them, with a vengeance. Though Dudley and I were never close friends we ran in the same political circles and I spent at least one night with several other like-minded old college buddies sitting in his RMGO headquarters playing the board game Axis and Allies and helping to craft a fundraising letter as the printing press just a few feet away cranked out mailers by the thousands.

There are still a few of us old CR’s from that time period that are still involved in political activism to one degree or another. A few that served with us during that time period have some interesting jobs. One is an NRA lobbyist, another is the general manager for and, and numerous others have served as campaign workers, on congressional staffs, as GOP county chairs and the like. I have graduated from street activism and found my own niche in the “propaganda arm” of the Liberty Movement since 2003 blogging, writing analysis and commentary, and now more recently engaging in the role of citizen journalist.

Everyone one of us has a role to play in the greater ideological struggles and debates of the day and if everyone stood up without fear and without compromise to the enemies of the Republic, liberty, and traditional values the nation would be far better off than it is today. One can say what one wants about Dudley Brown but he’s always been a die-hard defender of liberty and I respect and support him for that. Keep up the good work, and fight for principle no matter what.


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  1. kid_you_not | 11/02/2014 at 12:08 PM |

    It is the neocons who started throwing around “terrorist” to hoodwink people.

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