You know God is a good idea don’t you?

Thinking Man

Now, before all the Atheists scoff at the screen and get all twisted up!… Let me explain…

Imagine, if you’ll indulge me for a minute or two, yourself and a friend are tasked with obtaining Drinks and Meat for a barbecue gathering of about 20 people.Thinking Man

You have the money, you know roughly the quantity required. No problems.

So, you’re at the Liquor store, discussing what the quantities should be. Your conversation is overheard by someone with roughly the same numbers of guests at their gathering. They offer their experience with quantities. A conversation is started. You and your friend realise that the party of the people you’ve engaged in conversation with sounds better than the one you’re at?

OOhhh, we have a problem! You’re armed with trading material. You’d be mighty popular at this party. You’d be the toast! “Yeh”! You turn up with all this Meat and Drink? They haven’t formed any judgemental opinions of your character, habits or persona. You’d be able to construct any character you like. And the lady’s will know what I mean by that.

Lets leave that thought for a minute. And jump a few dimensions away. Consider the hunters from a tribe.  They’re assigned Hunting because they’re good at it.  Other members of the tribe are also assigned specialist tasks.  Tasks which they have demonstrated skill at.  This makes sense.  Efficient division of Labour. (Oh, by the way…  Who discussed that at length circa 250 years ago?)  Anyway… The hunters end up 10 miles from camp with their kill/catch (Lets call it “the rewards of their labour” shall we?)  “What’s that over there”? “Another camp”!  “OOohhh, I bet we’d be real welcome over there with all this, we’ve caught”?  “And that camp is closer than we have to travel back to our camp”!

OK,  the conundrum…  Both groups have a decision to make.  Do they abandon their tribe or friends,  or do they join the new groups?  The imagined excitement of a new group is tempting.  The rewards, especially in the short term, would be amazing compared to the rewards of returning.

Its easy to see the moral decision here.  And thankfully both our groups return to their friends and tribe.  But why?  Where did they get sense of morality from? And why “Thankfully”?

Where did our moral code came from? Where did the ideas and systems through we operate come from?

Enter an “all seeing”, “all knowing” God!  “OOOhhhh, I knew you were gonna bring this up”!  Of course!  You read the title of the article? didn’t you?

When someone has a gripe about weather or not they should be treating someone or something a certain way or considering a certain course of action?  “Don’t argue with me”! (King/Ruler/Chief)  “Argue with God”!  “God made the rules not me”!  Bingo!  Dispute solved!  And everyone is operating through a universally applied and universally applicable set of rules and laws and moral codes. See how that works?  Does God exist? That’s not the argument proposed.  “But there’s no evidence of Gods existence”! Is there any presented here? Is there an argument, with evidence, for that here?  No!  So…  The proposal is “God is a good idea”!.   And you know what that leaves us with?  Freedom!  Individuality.  The idea of God frees people from the tyrannical tendencies of  power and authority of “people”. Uh Oh!  O’Boy!  And that, my Friends, is the can of “Liberty” worms no one wants to open.  If we’re to investigate, argue, debate and involve ourselves in “God’s” law?  What happens to “Mans” law?…..  Exactly!  That’s why “God is a good idea, you know”!


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